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Arrowhead Trail

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Arrowhead Trail Map (PDF)

Trail Details

  • 3.5 miles of paved surface trail
  • Trail runs from Route 19 to Brush Run Road
  • A portion of the Montour Trail


Although the Montour Railroad was originally organized in 1877, our section wasn't built until 1912 to 1914. Horses and manual labor cleared and leveled the site. The railroad transported coal 55 miles from mines in Mifflin and Library. Sweeping west and North to a "coal laundry" facility in Allegheny County, the train carried coal to coke ovens, then on to the Ohio River. Its cars also hauled wood to nearby lumberyards, and served general stores along its route. One of these stores was operated by the McMurray family here in the Township.

In 1975 the P&LE Railroad purchased the tracks; two years later the local portion was abandoned. The Township purchased the 100 acres of railroad right-of-way in 1985. With the help of state funds, the first phase was developed as a recreational multi-use trail as well as to preserve and reinstate the natural surroundings with native trees and wildflowers. With the aid of a DCNR grant the original section of Arrowhead Trail was resurfaced in 2002. Arrowhead Trail is 3.5 miles in length. The trail runs from Route 19 to Brush Run Road. The Montour Trail Group is working at extending the trail to Bethel Park and Library.
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